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[Event]Egg Craking and Only you 10/1-10/8


Special events during the fisrt week of Octover!


Event 1: Egg Cracking

Rule: 20 Ingots for every time / one time every hour for free

Rewards: Sanzang Shard, Lv.7 Gem Box, Lv.6 Gem Box, Crown Shard Package, Growth Package, etc. If you reach certain times of cracking, you will get extra rewards.

Duration: Oct. 2nd  00:00:00 - Oct. 4th 23:59:59




Event 2: Only you

1. During the event, players’ Charm and Sweetness will be counted. 

2. Ranking will be refreshed every 30 minutes.

3. Charm or Sweetness must reach 500 to be on the rankings.

4. Ranking rewards will be sent by mail 30 minutes after the event ends.

5. Duration: Oct. 6th  00:00:00 - Oct. 8th 23:59:59