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[Feature]Guild feature in Legend of Junior


      1. Complete the required quests to unlock the feature. Tap on the Guild Icon to open the Guild panel.


       2. Create, Join a Guild

       1)  Players can Join a Guild or Create Guild.


       3. Guild Rewards

       1) Guild Members can claim Daily Rewards.




       4. Guild Upgrade

       1) Guild can be upgraded.

       2) Members can Donate. Once the Donations reach to the max, the Guild can be upgraded.




       5. Guild Skill

       1) Guild Members can obtain Guild Skills to increase the Character’s Attribute.

       2) Guild Skill can be Upgraded with Contribution.




       6. Guild Chest

       1) Guild Members can dig out Guild Chests to get Rewards. Members who help digging will get Extra Rewards.




      2) Assist other members digging and get Assist Reward.




       7. Guild BOSS

      1) Guild Members can kill the Guild BOSS with the help of other members to get Rewards.

       2) Guild BOSS can be Fed to upgrade. Killing a higher level Boss will give more Rewards.




       8. Guild Flag

       1) Flag can increase the Guild Members’ Attribute. The Guild Master can get extra bonus.

       2) During the Guild BOSS, Flags can provide Bless EXP for Members. The higher the Guild Flag level, the better the Blessing effect.

       3) Guild Flag Upgrade: Guild Members can Upgrade the Flag in Guild Quest, Guild Protection or Guild BOSS.




       9. Other Guild Events: Guild Territory Conquering, Guild War

       1) Attend the Events to earn Rewards.