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[Feature]Dragon Vein feature in Legend of Junior


       1. Players can unlock the Dragon Vein on the Skill bar when reaching that part of the story.


       Tap the icon to open the interface


       2. Players are awarded with more Dragon Veins when they log in several days in a row.


       3. Feature description:

       1) Earn unique talents by activating different Dragon Veins

       Soul Chase: Chance to deal increased damage when attacking.

       Chaotic Mind: Chance to deal a Crit. when attacking.

       Brain Hex: Chance to stun enemies when attacking.

       Rage of Thunder Dealing lots of damage to all enemies.

       2) Players can see the Dragon Vein exclusive talents in the Skill interface.


       4. Dragon Veins can also grant player permanent stats:

       1) Players can quick swap Dragon Vein talents pressing Q, W and E on the main interface.


       2) Skill animation will change based on the power of the Dragon Vein.