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[Feature]Imperial Examination in Legend of Junior



1. Imperial Examination includes the first Imperial Exam and the final Imperial Exam. It opens from 13:45 to 14:00 everyday.

The first Imperial Exam opens Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday.

The final Imperial Exam opens on Wednesday and Sunday.

Required Level: Level 40

After the Event starts, click the Events Icon or the Events Tip Icon to attend the Event.

2. Except for the basic Events Reward, you will have chances to obtain special Items for the final Imperial Exam.

Recommendation - Guarantees the correct answer and double highest reward for the question (used in the final Imperial Exam)

Silk Packet - Guarantees the correct answer and highest reward for the question

3. Win first prize in the final Imperial Exam to get the Bachelor Titles and Statue.

4. Events Scene

5. Rules

1) After the Event starts, there is a 30s Countdown. 

2) After the questions are showen, there will be 15s for players to answer them.

3) Each question will have two choices. Click the correct answer to move to the next area.

4) The result will be shown at the end of the Event.

5) Follow: Top 3 players will have a Follow button. Other players can click the button to follow them.