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[Guide]Anima Skills in Legend of Junior(1)


First, when a Dragon Vein is activated in the game, related Anima Skill and its skill effect will be attained.




Skills Activation

1. Each activated Dragon Vein will bring an exclusive skill and related skill effects.

       Demon Melting Furnace(Claim via Story Quests )—Skill? Soul Chase (Lv.1)

       Shan Hai Chest(Claim for 1 day login)—Skill: Chaotic Mind (Lv.1)

       Moonlight Cube(Claim for 2 days login)—Skill: Brain Hex (Lv.1)

       Soul Pearl(Claim for 4 days login)—Skill: Soul Chase (Lv.2)

       Dragon Lord Hammer(Claim for 7 days login)—Skill: Chaotic Mind (Lv.2)

       Sacred Book(Claim for 10 days login)—Skill: Brain Hex (Lv.2)

       Fu Tu Pagoda(Claim for 15 days login)—Skill: Soul Chase (Lv.3)

       Hot Wheels(Claim for 20 days login)—Skill: Chaotic Mind (Lv.3)

       Eastern Emperor’s Bell(Claim for 30 days login)—Skill: Brain Hex (Lv.3)


2. Skill Effect:

       Soul Chase: Chance to increase damage on enemies when attacking

       Chaotic Mind: Chance of CRT when attacking

       Brain Hex: Chance to stun enemies when attacking


3. View attained Anima Skills in Skills page




Skills Use

1. Activated skills will have icons corresponding to Q, W, E and can be auto-used in battles.




2. Skills won’t be switched if each activated Dragon Vein with related skill changes its Skin. The best Skill Effect will be auto-chosen by system.