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[Guide]A beginner's experience with Legend of Junior





      I started to play this game jut for fun, but soon it became one of my favorites. Legend of Junior has awesome graphics and I love the battle effects. I think it has one of the best graphics I’ve seen in browser games. The character’s animations are great too, you can see it walking, jumping on a Mont and battles. And the Attendants are also animated and detailed. The backgrounds are cool too.

      I found it quite easy to win ESP and items to advance. And besides the Main Quests, the Daily Quests and Guild Quests will occupy your time. I like that most of the dungeons like the EXP Dungeon, Story Dungeon, Classics Tower... can be Blitzed with just clicking once. You just need to clear them first. Something I really liked is that even if you miss some Events, you will be able to get a little compensation when you get online. And the more rewards you get the easier it is to progress in the game.

      I’m about Level 60 right now and a lot of new features open as I level up. For example, the Equipment, Mount, Wings, Artifact and other stuff. And the Chariot and Firearms the Attendants have equipped can be upgraded too! There are a lot of ways to upgrade your character and Attendants, but don’t worry, they are introduced to you little by little so you don’t get overwhelmed. I feel like there’s a lot more to do without Recharging, compared to other games. The items dropped in the Dungeons can be used to Upgrade and Enhance your character very easily.

      And the game controls are very easy to understand, I learned where everything was very fast and is easy to remember. So I can focus in leveling up and getting stronger instead of being lost, like it happens in other games. Even if you only want to log in for a while and do some Dungeons and Daily Quests, you’ll have things to do and rewards.

      That said, remember to read the rules of the features to make the most of them. For example, the Blessing Value won’t be cleared until you are Rank 4, so you will have an advantage at first. But once you reach Rank 4, some things will be reset in 24h after used. So make sure you plan ahead to upgrade your Wings, Mount, Artifact, Character and Attendants and if you have enough items. Check you bag anytime you can and you will see what you should invest in.