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[Guide]How to Get Skill Books in Legend of Junior?


      Legend of Junior is a casual webgame. You can relax at the beach, or fight with other players at the Beach Party Events at noon or dusk. If you get tired of all the fighting, you can go to the Beach Party to take a walk, swim and enjoy yourself. Find that relaxing time you need.

      Legend of Junior mixes combat and leisure in complete balance. But remember, in order to relax, you first have tp be strong enough! Upgrade your Power Level to survive in the game. If you want to Increase your Power, you have to pay attention to your Skills, especially Passive Skills. Many players put all their attention in Mounts or Artifacts and ignore Passive Skills. But rememebr, upgrading Passive Skills will improve your Power drastically. Players can get Passive Skill Books in World BOSS and in Tomb Treasure.

      The World BOSS Rewards are divided into three parts. The first one is the BOSS Shield Reward. Once the BOSS appears you can go to the dessignated area and choose to fight or to wait and let others fight for you. But be careful, other players may not take kindly to spectators and decide to attack you. When the BOSS’s HP decreases to 60% and 30%, it will form a Shield. After the Shield is broken, Players at the area will have a chance to roll the dice. Score of the dice will decide the winner of the Shield Package. Score is up to 100pts. The second part of Reward is the Final Strike Package. This is for the lucky player who gives the Boss the Final Strike with a certain Damage.

      The third part of Reward is a Package for players who reach the top 10 Damage. The previous Rewards are mostly Mark or Exp scrolls, and their level is based on the player’s level. But the Artifacts and Mounts upgrades will be hard to upgrade after Rank 5 or 6.It’s easy to find Mark or Exp scrolls, but the item on the BOSS Damage pack are the most useful and difficult to find. Players can get Passive Skill Books in Damage Package. When the Events start, don't follow most of the players to kill the first BOSS. Since there’s 10 BOSSES at the same time in this event,  you are supposed to try to damage one of the other 9 BOSSES to accumulate your damage output points easily. Make full use of your Mind Skills to increase your damage output. So you won't fall out of the Top 10 after other players kill the first BOSS and arrive to you. This way you can get more packages! This method is for those who don’t have enough Power. If you are strong enough, then just go straight to face the BOSS.

      The second way of getting Skill Books is in the Tomb Treasure. You can kill the Tomb Boss or participate in Encounter Quests. Killing the Tomb Boss is not easy, so you can always participate in Encounter Quests with your friends in order to kill 150 monsters in time. Remember to play in Groups in order to achieve the kills in time. Here players can get Skill Book rewards! While doing Encounter Events you should be careful. Other players may attack you and steal your Rewards!

      You can also get Skill Books in Multimillionaire Events and Prestige Store. Getting Passive Skills may not always be an easy task, but it’s worth it.