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[Guide]Beginner's guide in Legend of Junior




      Legend of Junior is a competitive browser game. Battles can get very fierce and Events like the Crown Contest can be challenging. You will receive lots of rewards, but it will be hard unless you are strong enough.

      If you want to increase your Power, you should check the First Recharge Rewards. You will receive lots of items and bonuses that will help you advance!  For example, it’s the easiest way to get Forge books and Immortal Equipment. A King Set is what you need to survive in the game. Once you finish Collecting it, you will have to upgrade all the Equipment. Do it and you will have enough power to Collect Design. The first Equipment pieces you need to Promote are Bracers, Boots and Weapons. All of the blueprints can be found in Classics Tower.

      Some Players may spend all their Ingots to buy one kind of Promotion Material, which would mean putting all your eggs in the same basket. When Promoting you should make sure how each part influences your Power and Promote the parts in the smarter way. Also, it’s wise to save your Ingots to buy Flying Shoes too, they will be essential for quests that require long distance travelling. A pair of Flying Shoes only costs 4 Ingots and they will save you a lot of time! You can earn Ingots in many different Quests, so it will be easy to gather the amount you need. You can also user Ingots to buy Promote Materials and increase your power. You will become very powerful in no time!