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[Guide]How to Train Equipment in Legend of Junior


       There are many ways to upgrade your power. Beside upgrading your Mount, Artifact or Chariot, you can choose to enhance your Equipment. Equipment is divided in Normal Equipment, System Equipment and Battle Rank Equipment. The last type is very rare.

       Normal Equipment can be Enhanced and upgraded after reaching max level. You will need Designs to do it, they can be obtained in the Sutra Depository. You can also obtain Bound Sycee and EXP after you clear Sutra Depository for the first time. Finish 5 levels to receive a chest with Designs. Each level is guarded by a Boss. Bosses in first levels have high a DEF, so you should have enough ATK to defeat them. In the following levels the Bosses will also have high ATK, so you should have enough DEF to survive. After clearing the Dungeon, you can Auto Blitz to get EXP in the second day.

       The System Equipment is part of the Mount System, Attendants System, Artifact System and Chariot System. Each system has 4 equipment with different qualities. They are Blue, Purple and Orange. You can obtain System Equipment in the Cross-server Group Dungeon. You can challenge the dungeon alone or with other players. The Boss level will be refreshed randomly. If it is Purple, the Reward will be Purple quality. If Orange, the reward will be Orange quality. The drop rate of Orange equipment is quite high.

       You can get Exclusive Attendants Equipment in the Group Dungeon. If you don’t obtain it in the dungeon, you can exchange it in the shop with Slayer Token. The Attendants Equipment in the Shop is Orange quality. Slayer Tokens are difficult to obtain, so choose your Equipment carefully. Check the Stats of the Equipment. Some of them are better at ATK and some at DEF. Choose ATK Equipment first. Let's take Sarah as an example. You can receive Gauntlets after clearing the dungeon. The second equipment you should exchange is the Pendant, since it can upgrade your Crit. The Waistband can upgrade your DEF, Tenacity and Evasion so it should be obtained the last.

       The new Battle Rank Equipment will be unlocked if you upgrade. Do it collecting Swimsuits, Treasures and Skins. Beside purchasing with Bound Ingot and exchanging with Merit, you can attend the Treasure Island Event to get Battle Rank Equipment. After killing the monsters, you should kill three Bosses to complete the event. You will obtain Enchantment Stones and Treasure Coins. Treasure Coins can be used to exchange for Costumes and Swimsuits.

       The event only lasts for 30 min. If you can’t complete the event on time, you won't receive rewards. It’s very important to upgrade your ATK before Level 80.