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[Guide]P.Elixir Walkthrough for Upgrading Mount and Chariot


Thank you all for participating in the P. Elixir event on our fan page! Here is the list of the players who got closer to the answer about the P. Elixirs needed for every level between R2 and R7! Take this guide and boost your power!


P.Elixir Reference Value for Upgrading

R1→R2: 10

R2→R3: 32

R3→R4: 60

R4→R5: 140

R5→R6: 250

R6→R7: 450


1. These values are only for reference. The amount of P. Elixirs needed can fluctuate around a 10% of the answers given. The in-game information always prevails.
2. One player can only get ranked for one of the nearest answer he offers though he has other qualified answers.