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[Guide]Events You should Attend in Legend of Junior


     Legend of Junior is a relaxing game with cute style and a great atmosphere. 

     Legend of Junior is also a competitive game where players can upgrade their power to be the best warrior.

     The Multimillionaire Event is the first event you should attend. If you collect 20 Chests you will get amazing Rewards like  Passive Skill Book, Mounts Skill Books, Ingot, etc. If you are lucky, you will find the Multimillionaire Roulette and win many rare items. After the event starts, your progress will be shown on the right side of the screen. If a Chest is being collected by another player, you can’t claim it. The center of the map is usually crowded so choosing the edge of the map to collect is a wise choice.

     Make sure to upgrade your Anima. It will change its appearance when you upgrade it. First it’s like the Nu Wa Stone and it will change into a Moonlight Cube when it reaches Lv.18. It will surround your character and it’s beautiful. Beside the change of appearance, the Anima will give you Attribute Bonus. For example, Lv.19 Anima will increase 700 ATK and also increase DEF and HP.

     Anima Skills are awesome too. Some of them can deal damage and others can increase your ATK or CRT DMG. Stun Skills can help you a lot in PVP. Complete the missions on the right side of the Anima Interface to upgrade your Anima.

     Competitive events always start in the evening. For example, Cross-server PK is at 9pm. Crown Contest is at 7pm. Guild War is at 8pm. These events have tons of rewards. You can obtain Mark EXP Scrolls and Contest Essence in 4v4 Challenge. After you enter the game, pay attention to the icons at the upper right corner. Red dots are enemy teams. Click the dots to go after them. If you are defeated, the system will inform you of the power gap, so you can prepare yourself and take revenge next time.

     Another thing you should pay attention too is your Artifact It will also change its appearance when promoted. First it will be a blue Water Sword and it will change into a Jade Sword when promoted. Enjoy riding an imposing Mount and killing enemies with your Jade Sword!