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[Guide]Legend of Junior VIP System Introduction


The VIP system is very cost-effective way to receive lots of rewards and grow stronger faster. Let me introduce the VIP system:

1. Adv. Level Elixir: Use to upgrade 1 Level if the character is below Lv. 59 (including Lv. 59) or get 30000000 EXP if higher than Lv. 59.

   Costume: Swimsuit Hip-Hop (Male) Scallop (Female), Mount Equipment EXP Scroll, Equipment Enhancement Stone x10, Mount Skill Book x3, Bound Ingot Card x50

   Analysis: If you are VIP1, EXP Elixir is the best way to upgrade faster. Reach Lv. 60 ASAP to get more Power. Beside EXP Elixir, the best Privilege is the Exclusive Dungeon. Daily Skill Book Package x2, Bound Ingot Card x10, Equipment Enhancement Stone, Mount Potential Pill are what you need to collect everyday.

   Attendants: Princess Mu, Mount Equipment EXP Scroll x2, Equipment Enhancement Stone x20, Skill Book Package x5, Bound Ingot Card x100

   Analysis: With Princess Mu you can upgrade the three Attributes of your Character. You can Upgrade your Attendants to get Attribute bonus and also Double Offline EXP will be Free if you reach VIP2.

2. Mount Ascension Elixir (Rank 6) Use to promote 1 Rank if mounts are below Rank 5 (including Rank 5) or get 100 Promotion Elixir if higher than Rank 5.

   Costume: Swimsuit Grand Blue (Male) Tender and Soft as Water (Female), Princess Mu Talent Book x5, Equipment EXP Scroll Box x4, Equipment Enhancement Stone x30, Skill Book Package x10, Bound Ingot Card x200

   Analysis: Mount Ascension Elixir (Rank 6) can save your Mount Promotion Elixir. Costumes are permanent. Princess Mu Talent Book, Bound Ingot Card x20, Enhancement Stones, Attendant Talent Book Pack x8, Equipment EXP Scroll Box x5, Equipment Enhancement Stone x40, Skill Book Package x15, Bound Ingot Card x300 can be obtained in VIP3 Exclusive Dungeon. Attendant Talent Books can be obtained in Guild Chest, so the more the better!

   Attendants Lady Ke, Attendant Talent Book Pack x8, Equipment EXP Scroll Box x5, Equipment Enhancement Stone x40, Skill Book Package x15, Bound Ingot Card x300

   Analysis: Attendant Lady Ke can upgrade your ATK, Attendants ATK and Attendant CRT Damage if you have high level Chariot and Firearm. Triple Offline EXP will make it easier for you. Promotion Dungeon Reset Times can help you get more Materials.

3. Chariot Ascension Elixir (Rank 8) Use to promote 1 Rank if Chariots are below Rank 7 (including Rank 7)  or get 200 promotion Elixirs if higher than Rank 7.

   Costume: Swimsuit Cutie Dolphin (Male) Fresh Tide (Female), Lady Ke Talent Book x5, Attendant Talent Book Pack x10, Equipment EXP Scroll Box x8, Skill Book Package x20, Bound Ingot Card x500

   Analysis: The Chariot Ascension Elixir (Rank 8) is the most cost-effective. Swimsuits are beautiful. Others include VIP5 Exclusive Dungeon, Lady Ke Talent Book, Bound Ingot Card, Equipment Enhancement Stone and Wings Potential Pill.

4. Costume: Nightflare Fox, Fashion: Swimsuit Summer Hunk (Male), Cool Summer (Female), Lv.6 Attack Gem x1, Attendant Talent Book Pack x15, Equipment EXP Scroll Box x10, Skill Book Package x25.

   Analysis: Nightflare Fox can upgrade 1250 ATK, 875 DEF, 12500 HP, 125 Accuracy, 100 Dodge, 125 Crit and 100 RES, plus 1024 ATK added by Lv.6 Attack Gem. All of these will make it easier for you to Challenge the Dungeon. You can earn 20% more EXP killing monsters and in Escort.

5. Mount Ascension Elixir (Rank 9) Use to promote 1 Rank if the Mount is below Rank 8 (including Rank 8) or get 220 Promotion Elixirs if it's higher.

   Lv.7 Attack Gem x1, Attendant Talent Book Pack x20, Equipment EXP Scroll Box x15, Skill Book Package x25, Bound Ingot Card x700

  Analysis: If you reach VIP7 you sure are stronger than most players! Rank 9 Mounts can be very powerful and your character can obtain an upgrade of 2048 ATK with Lv.7 Attack Gem and 40% bonus of Materials and EXP.

6. Titles High Lord +2000 ATK, +1400 DEF, +20000 HP

   Costume: Swimsuit Red Whale (Male), Leopard Print (Female), Lv.8 Attack Gem x1, Mount Growth Elixir x15, Passive Skill Scroll Box x20, Skill Book Package x30, Bound Ingot Card x800.

   Analysis: Lv.8 Attack Gem can upgrade 4096 ATK. Passive Skill Scroll Box and Skill Book Package can upgrade your Passive Attributes with a 60% EXP Bonus.

7. Azure Dragon Skin Card: +1700 ATK, +1020 DEF, +17000 HP, +170 Accuracy, +170 Crit, +136 Dodge, +136 RES, +11% CRT DMG

   Wings Growth Elixir x15, Artifact Growth Elixir x20, Equipment EXP Scroll Box x30, Passive Skill Book Box x40, Bound Ingot Card x900

   Analysis: Azure Dragon is awesome. Growth Elixir Pack x2, Bound Ingot Card x40, Enhancement Stones, Firearm Potential Pill and Chariot Potential Pill can be obtained in VIP9 Dungeon.

8. Blazing Phoenix Skin Card +1800 ATK, +1080 DEF, +18000 HP, +180 Accuracy, +180 Crit, +144 Dodge, +144 RES, +3% Damage Bonus

   Lv.9 Attack Gem x1, Chariot Growth Elixir x20, Firearm Growth Elixir x25, Passive Skill Scroll Box x50, Bound Ingot Card x1000

   Analysis: Who can fight the Blazing Phoenix? VIP10 is unbreakable. Lv.9 Attack Gem can upgrade 8192 ATK. You can get 100% EXP Bonus.


Apart from the VIP Rewards, you can also get VIP Weekly Package according to your VIP Level (1 for VIP1 and 10 for VIP 10), including: Equipment EXP Scroll Box x1, Enhancement Stones x5, Bound Sycee x50