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[Guide]How to do complete the perfect EXP Dungeon in Legend of Junior


    Sometimes the EXP Dungeon may seem too difficult to complete, and you can get stuck.

    A lot of players focus on improving their DMG and forget the rest of the Stats. Remember to upgrade all your Stats and don't focus in only one!

    Equipment can be upgraded into Stages, and every Stage has 10 levels. It's important to invest in the items you need to improve the Stage of your Equipment. Remember that your Equipment can be forged! Also, pay attention to your DMG in battle.

    Your Attendants will help you and increase your damage! Attendants and Chariots are both upgradeable. Players can summon more attendants as they level up their Chariot. Besides, they have unique skills to help you beat the dungeons.

    How to use these skills efficiently is key to complete the EXP Dungeon. Use your 2nd skill first in the battle, it has a long cooldown. The third and fourth skills can be used more frequently. For example, the third skill can be used 3 times per minute and the fourth skill only two times per minute. You will find your own strategy.

    You can also accumulate Rage in the Boss. When it's full, you will be able to use the skill Rage of Thunder to deal lots of damage and kill the Boss.