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[Guide]Upgrading in Legend of Junior


    In Legend of Junior, promotions include Artifact, Mount, Chariot, Wings, Firearm and Soul, which require many resources. Obviously, it will take players a lot of time to promote the features by daily Events rewards. If you want a quick promotion, Getting Exchange Points and Ingots are the best choices.

    Exchange Points can be used to exchange resources. Players can obtain Exchange Points in many Events, especially in the Competitive ones. Ingots can be used to buy resource. There are a lot of Events to get Bound Ingots from. Normally, Players can get four or five thousand Bound Ingots through various Events when they are at Lv.70.

    Players should make sure to promote the feature that is urgent to them. Meanwhile, prioritize the promotions based on the attribute level on Attribute panel.

    Artifacts are one of the most useful skills in the game. Artifacts can improve the DEF Reduction of your attacks, which will help you to be more efficient in events. For example, Artifacts are very useful in the Classic Tower, where optimizing your time is the key to victory.

    Mounts can also have help to improve your damage. Rush and Trample, despite being the two default Skills, are incredibly powerful in battle. For players who prefer PvP, upgrading their Mounts would be a good idea. Chariot is another good option to maximize your damage. Attendants provide a higher chance of killing the Boss thanks to their bonuses. Also, Chariot skills also increase the players' total HP, which improves you resistance in battle. You will need a good balance between Artifact, Mounts and Chariot to succeed, so make sure you do not skip any of them!

    Wings on the other hand, increase defense when a player is dying. If you like to play a defensive role, remember to prioritize this. Firearms will enhance your Attendants. In the early stages of the game, the two basic Attendants skills will increase the DPS to normal enemies and DPS to the Boss, which are tailor made for PvE lovers.

    Last but not least, the Soul system unlocks at level 70 for only 10 Ingots. This feature can improve the players' defense. If you want to resist long battles, this will be your best chance.