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[Guide]Become stronger in Legend of Junior


In Legend of Junior, growing stronger is the key to victory in some Events and battles.

One of the quickest ways to be stronger is to upgrade your Equipment. You will need Equipment Designs to upgrade the Equipment, obtain them in Classics Tower Dungeon. There are 5 levels in each stage of the Classics Tower, and it's guarded by 5 Bosses. Finish the 5 levels to receive a chest with Designs. Remember to use your Rage to complete the challenge easily! Higher levels will be more difficult. And the monsters in the next stages are more powerful than the previous ones. You will receive Ingots when completing every level.

Bound Ingots can be used to purchase many items, like Skin Cards and Promotion Elixirs. Promotion Elixirs are only 25 Bound Ingots each! The Ingot Rain Event is also a very good event to receive lots of rewards and make you stronger. In the event, players should defeat the enemy Moneybag as soon as possible.

The Ingot Rain Event also provides different rewards like Medals, Gems, Enhancement Stones and EXP.

Attendants are another good option to maximize the players' power. Some attendants prefer to ATK and other prefer to DEF. So it's necessary to arrange different Attendants for different Events.

The Attendants' Equipment can be obtained in Group Dungeons. You can refine their ATK, DEF and HP. If you don't have enough materials to refine all Attendant Equipment stats, remember to prioritize ATK. Moreover, you can send your Attendants to look for treasures and obtain 3 Boost Stones, which increase your Attendants' ATK and Crit damage!

Growing stronger is easier than it seems, follow this steps and you will become the strongest in no time!