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[Guide]Importance of Dungeons in Legend of Junior


What do you enjoy the most in a game? For me, it would be  the awesome graphics and the satisfaction from progressing your character. The core of any game is character advancement.

To do so, we need items. The quickest way to get those items is by completing Dungeons and Time-limited Events unless you wish to pay for those.

Promotion Dungeon drop items which empower character stats, like Equipment and Aptitude Elixirs. There are other promotion items, like Aptitude and Promotion Elixirs. Equipment can be upgraded and replaced.

Players can blitz EXP Dungeons the next day after clearing it.

Completing the Story Dungeon will give you promotion items and Enhancement Stone. Players will get Bound Ingots the first time they clear it. Can be Blitzed just like the EXP Dungeon.

Classics Tower Dungeon can also be Blitzed once cleared. It would be great to try out the new Classic Tower and EXP Dungeon stages before logging off. Because if before you couldn’t beat them, maybe after all this, you will be able to. The next time you login, you can Blitz again and get more items.

The Group Dungeon might make you wait a bit for other players to join your team, but once in you might gte exclusive items. Players can always complete quests while waiting for teammates.

Remember to make the most of the items you get, because they are not easy to get. Always remember, the Blessing Value will be cleared from Rank 5! The Blessing Value from those items will reset in 24h after use. So, make sure you plan ahead to upgrade your Wings, Mounts, Artifacts, Character and Attendants. Check your bag to see which upgrade you should invest in.