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[Guide]Special Events in Legend of Junior


In Legend of Junior, players can join various Events are welcome toto receive lots of rewards. In those Events, players should use some tricks to help them to victory.

Imperial Examination offers Leisure Essence, Honor and EXP, which also is one of the most popular Events in Legend of Junior. Players are required to work on a multiple-choice quiz in Imperial Examination like making option of who invented the light bulb. And other quizzes can be the basic game data, like how many skills a Mount has. Players have to choose answer by stepping into a zone which is one zone for one answer. In addition, there are a time limit for choosing answer and the zones are lined up by distance. If players are in a zone but the zone they want to go is in the other side, they may be unable to get there. Be careful while doing this quiz and remember to step out the zone after you did your choice.

Some events like Letters Exchange which are required participants to collect 3 different levels letters to receive corresponding rewards. Most of players only focus on collecting the highest-level letters for the best rewards without considering what they need currently. To win the rewards that are your demand is a better way to be stronger.

Another Event you should pay attention too is Monopoly. In Monopoly, collecting more chests is the key to receive better rewards. Auto-collect is not a good way to collect chests in the Event. Manual Collection will be more efficient.

The last Event is World BOSS. PvP is a feature of World BOSS, which means you could receive DMG from other players' attack. In the other hand, you can deal DMG to other players that turn off your ability of harming teammates. Remember to keep a distance from other players while battling the boss. During the battle, players will have chance to win extra rewards by rolling dice several times getting the highest points.

Learn some strategies to complete these Events that will help you in your journey! And have fun!