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[Guide]Powering up in Legend of Junior




As Legend of Junior gets more intense gradually, events like Crown Contest is a great test of skill for players. Weaker players may find this a challenge because they may end up in an endless death cycle.

We mentioned ways to power up, like Mounts, Artifact, Wings, Firearms and Chariots. We suggest players to upgrade these as soon as possible in order to get stronger. Players may find it hard to promote to Rank 6, which normally requires 200 - 220 Promotion Elixirs. That’s why after reaching Rank 5, the game will reward players with 20 Promotion Elixirs.

With this nature, we added item exchange to give players some other mechanics to progress their characters. There are key items like the Danna Skin Design from the Honor Store, the Golden Armor Costume from the Merit Shop, the Attendant Belle Xue from the Prestige Store and the Fiery Angel Costume in the Reputation Store. One of these items can provide around 30k Power, which will also lead to Battle Rank progression hence more Battle Rank Equipment. Worth to mention that Battle Rank Equipment is also a big leap in terms of character power, which can prevent lots of deaths players may have in Crown Contest or Cross-server Clan Battle.

Players can gain Honor from Tomb Treasure and Imperial Examination. The game even rewards players 900 Honor for simply participating in the Imperial Examination half way through. However, if players want to get the top 3 rewards package, they have to enter the examination on time. Tomb Treasure consists of 5 encounters where players can get up to 1,800 Honor for each one as reward. To collect items it’s better to camp in one spot than move around. Players should always be alert to avoid being ganked. On the other hand, elite monsters in some encounters are hard to kill, so make sure another player doesn’t steal the kill.

Crown Contest is the test of free-for-all PvP skills. Players should play smart and avoid using auto-revive. Prowl in the dark and catch players off-guard is a smart strategy.

In Cross-server PvP, players are suggested to enter the battle with full Rage in order to beat other players with a similar power level. Same for the Ultimate Battle PvP, it is a test of power among players. Players who get to enter the final - Ultimate Match will get very good rewards. So, Good Luck, fellow players!