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[Guide]How to increase your power in Legend of Junior


Powering up is the only way to tackle tougher challenged in Legend of Junior. In order to help players to succeed, here’s the guide on how to power up in Legend of Junior.

A Chinese idiom says that good tools are a prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. So here, Equipment will be the most fundamental and immediate way for our heroes to succeed in battle. In this game, players can find Equipment when killing monsters, but only up to purple quality. As the game progresses, purple will start to become the equipment norm. But it’s still not easy to find. The best place to find it is in Boss battles. Overall strategy for storyline dungeons can be a pretty simple first fight enemies, then go for the boss. This way players can get good equipment easily. Of course dungeons are not the only way for to get better equipment. As the quality of the equipment gets higher, bosses will no longer drop equipments you need, but they’ll drop Equipment Plans and Materials. Different world bossed will drop different loots with a different range of power and levels. With that, players will be able to forge new and more advanced equipment. World Bosses have a fixed respawn time, but they can be hard to find. In Classic Towers, players can also earn equipment scrolls to upgrade the quality of Equipment, so please make sure you check the Classic Towers.

With Enhancement Stones players can upgrade their Equipment up to level 6 or 7 easily, but the curve may get steeper afterwards. Aside from that, players can socket Gems in their Equipment to get better stats and becoming more powerful.

That is all for this guide, thanks for reading. Follow us for future guides.