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[Introduction]World Outlook of "Legend of Junior"


     When Pan Gu died, he transformed himself to Spirit of Dragon Lord, guarding the Central Plains for universe and time. Gods, goblins and demons were born afterwards, but the demons coveted the Spirit of Pan Gu as they desired to own the power of Dragon Lord and dominated the Central plains. The demons incited the goblins to start riots and has brought mankind in misery and disorder.

     Gods made sacred equipment for human king to fight against goblins and demons. Wars and chaos spread all over the world. Finally, human won with the support of gods, but the Spirit of Pan Gu was damaged by dark power. Gods had to transformed themselves into nine Artifacts to protect Dragon Vein, root of earth beings, and thus controlled dark power. After that, gods were less seen.

     The human king built a mausoleum at the entrance of Dragon Vein to worship gods. He stored the sacred equipment in the mausoleum and kept the clues of Dragon Vein in scrolls as a way to keep the world in peace, but later, the secrets in the scrolls were written in a book. It’s said that one who got the book must be of royal ancestry, and thus should take the responsibility to protect human being and Central Plains.

     The war between human and demons ended, and human were finally in charge of the world. However, the demon power stilled wanted to conquer the world and has invaded into human world several times. Luckily the Dragon Vein were powerful enough to stop the demon power.

     The book has been passed on for dynasties but when Central Plains was invaded, the book was taken by the invaders. They divided the book into eight parts and give them to Eight Banners made up of close relatives and meritorious statesmen. As long as the Eight Banners stayed united, the nation would long live.

     But as there were more and more intrigue and murders, the power controlling the goblins and demons kept declining while the demon power kept growing. People wanted to be controller of the world and demons tried to incite them to make the human world a mess.All powers were eager for the book and willing to sacrifice all for it.

     But you will never know behind these people and powers, there were demons intending to get the book and break into the mausoleum for the power of Dragon Vein. If they succeeded, human would be in misery.

     Everything remain unsolved and unknown, and you are the one to stop the disaster and bring peace back!