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[Introduction]Attendant's introduction(1)


Attendants are your close battle friends in Legend of Junior! Here we will post their stories. Know more about them!

1. Sarah

Sarah is your first Attendant in Legend of Junior. Do you know from which Wuxia novel she comes from? She comes from the famous novel written by Jin Yong, The Deer and the Cauldron.,where Sarah is one of the seven wives Xiaobao Wei. Sarah is gentle and considerate. She may not be the best at Martial Arts, but she’s Xiaobao Wei’s loyal companion and she’s always ready to help Xiaobao Wei when he is in danger. This is why we Sarah will be your first Attendant in Legend of Junior!   





2. Sister Yi

Sister Yi has always been a very talented martial arts artist! She has a keens sense a is very agile. She was sent to learn martial arts as a little kid to improve her skills. Now she’s a master of the martial arts and she is ready to protect you! Having a strong Attendant is always a good thing, right? If you like her Like this post!  





3. Sister Rou

Sister Rou in Chinese means "gentle and considerate". Sister Rou is a very gentle soul that likes to help and take care of others. But she’s also very brave and it’s always ready to help her master and solve any problems they might encounter in their adventure! Rou is sure a very useful Attendant, do you like her?  





4. Princess Ning

Noble but wild, Princess Ning is very confident about her battling skills! She also has a temper, so I would mess with her if I was you. But even when she’s mad, she’s the most loyal servant and would never abandon her friends. Like this post if you would like to have her as an attendant!