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[Introduction]Attendant's Introduction(2)


Let's see the left four attendants!


5. Lady Long

Lady Long is a true aristocrat and an excellent poison master. She is calm, classy and experienced, a good choice for an advisor and a reliable battle companion. If you like her, Like this post! 




6. Princess Mu

Princess Mu is very playful and has lots of energy! She is very curious by nature, and she has refined her martial arts skills to perfection. She's great at ATK and she always helps her master to increase their ATK too! Maybe she doesn't look very professional, but she is for sure a great fighter.




7. Beauty Ke

Ke is a very special character, she had a rough childhood and was kidnapped very young. Her kidnapper trained her to become a deadly killer, and so she is. But she’s also good at heart and her will never surrendered. She is ready to protect you no matter what. Would you like Ke in your team?




8. Bella Xue

Bella Xue comes from the north, where she is famous for her magical ice skills. She might seem pretty cold, but on the inside she has a warm heart and the desire to help people. So don’t worry if she looks a little bit scary, she is very powerful but also just and fair.