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[New]Update review 8/31


Let’s see what’s new in Legend of Junior! 




4V4 Arena 

After hearing your suggestions, a big battle dungeon is coming to you! In this new dungeon, you can team up with three friends and challenge other teams. Time to call your friends! Team up and see who becomes the MVP of the battle. 


Robe of Divine

Feathers make the bird! A cool fashion item is now available in the game - Robe of Divine. Its stats will increase your power at the same time that you look awesome! If you want to be the strongest and most fashionable, then you will love the new Robe of Divine!


Wedding Feast

Remember the moment you married in the game? Feeling a little disappointed about not being able to celebrate a feast? We’ve got you! Now you can prepare a wedding feast to tell everybody how much you love your partner!


Love Wheel

Spend some time with your couple in the Love Wheel and win rewards! Turn the wheel, pray for the best and watch how much amazing rewards you receive when both of you finish the battle! 


Marriage Rank

A new Ranking has been unlocked, the Marriage Rank will make couples more relevant in the game! Couples can now show how cool they are and how much they love each other. Happy marriage!


Social System 

A Facebook button in the social system has been added into the game. When you achieve your goals: share them on Facebook! Let your friends know how powerful you have become in the game. This is a beta and is still under test. The INVITE FRIEND button is not available. 


Deluxe Gifts and Limited Bonus Pack

The new Deluxe Gift and Limited Bonus Pack will be of much help if you want to progress faster in the game! Take a look at all the goodies they contain and level up!