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[New]Update Announcement 9/21


Dear heroes, all servers will go offline at 10:00AM (GMT+8) , 21st September for update maintenance. The update time will be around 120 minutes. Please go offline in advance to avoid any unnecessary lost. Sorry for causing all the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and support! With constant updates and optimization, discrepancies may exist between this information and in-game information. The in-game version shall prevail.

Update Content:

1. Soul. Awaken the soul of your weapon and upgrade it. Collect materials to make it more powerful than ever. Your weapon will be your best companion.

2. Contest Roof. Do you want a challenge worth of your power? In Contest Roof players will need to complete several dungeons and slay the Boss. You will win incredible rewards… but it will be a difficult challenge.

3. Equipment Reforge. Your Attendands are getting a new upgrade. Equipment Reforge will allow you to refine the Stats of your Attendants. Customize your power!

4. 4V4 Rank