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[New]Contribution Ranking


Contribution Ranking

Legend of Junior has been online 3 months already, thank you for playing with us!  To offer our players a better game experience, the team is working hard to add new features and deal with any issues. And, also, our players have helped us to find bugs so we can solve them!

We want to show you our gratitude from now one with a special gift. From today on, if a player finds a bug or has advice and reports it to our Ticket system, they may obtain rewards! Together we can make a better game!

How to receive rewards:

Any player who discovers a bug or has advice can send it to our ticket center. If the bug is confirmed or the advice is accepted, you will receive a reward!

1. Rewards for bug: There are 20 rewards for every new bug. The first player who discover this bug will get special rewards, and the next 19 players will get normal rewards.

2. Rewards for advice: Any advice accepted by our ticket team will be labeled as qualified. There is only 1 reward for every qualified advice. If the advice has been reported, then the later players who report it won't get the rewards.

3. Extra rewards. Any player who has first reported new bugs or given qualified advice for a certain amount of times will get extra rewards. There are three levels for extra rewards - 5, 10 and 20 times.


We will have a Contribution Ranking to record all players who offer new bugs (the first player to do it) and qualified advice. The Contribution Ranking will be displayed on the official site and will be updated every Tuesday to show the contributions made last week.