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[New]Server 69 Opening Announcement 7/1


Server 69

Time of Opening: July 1st, 03:00AM (UTC+1) / 10:00 AM (GMT+8)

Thank you for your constant support for Legend of Junior!

With constant updates and optimization, discrepancies may exist between this information and in-game information. The in-game version shall prevail. 


Legend of Junior - a best ARPG themed on Wuxia

Legend of Junior is an original ARPG Chinese Wuxia fantasy browser game in which you can find amazing high quality graphics depicting ancient Chinese architecture and magic, thrilling and dynamic battles, lots of NPCs to interact with and a rich soundtrack. Become a martial arts master in this ancient world and help your kingdom flourish.


Legend of Junior - an ARPG themed on Wuxia 

Legend of Junior - a best ARPG themed on Wuxia