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[Upgrade]How to Upgrade Equipment in Legend of Junior?


      Legend of Junior is fun and magical thanks to its cute graphics, just likes other games, the equipments in Legend of Junior is still very important.

      It’s charming characters and great animations are one of the main features, like the main scene when the protagonist is riding dog at the beginning. The enemies you face in the game are also cute. The hostile officers in the game are rather funny than vicious. You will have lots of fun and feel at ease thanks to it’s funny buts, but battles can also become pretty intense.

      It is a combat game after all. The goal is still to be stronger, so upgrading will be the main objective of the game.

      Players can join the Classics Tower to earn Equipment Promote Designs. Don’t miss all the  Promote Design, EXP books, Ingot Card and Chest rewards you can obtain!

      There are several levels in the Classics Tower. Each level is guarded by a Boss. Kill the Boss to get EXP books and Ingot Cards. Also, you will also receive a Chest if you defeat 4 Bosses. The higher the level is, the stronger the Bosses are. Try to not use auto-combat to control your battle! Make good use of all your skills. High level Classics Tower can be hard but once you clear the level you will be able to Blitz, which means to receive the rewards without having to fight again.

      Mounts should be upgraded too! They can help to Increase your Power. Also, you will receive new looks for your Mounts, like the cool Winged Cat in rank 2.