Thank you so much for your time! We made this survey to understand you more. It’s not for any commercial purpose and we will not disclose your privacy. Thank you!
1.[Single Answer] What’s your gender?

2.[Single Answer] What’s your age?
Under 18
Above 45
3.[Single Answer] Where are you from?
Europe or America
South America
Southeast Asia
4.[Single Answer] What’s your occupation?
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Media
IT and Technical Services
Human Resource
Computation and Mathematics
5.[Multiple Answers] How did you find out about Legend of Junior?
Game Hollywood other game’s recommendation.
Media’s recommendation
A friend's recommendation
Others (Please specify)
6.[Multiple Answers] What do you want to know from our official website and fan page?
The latest news for the game, such as updates.
Game contents, such as system introductions, exclusive strategies, etc.
More about the game, such as Wuxia work, fanfiction, etc.
Others (Please specify)
7.[Multiple Answers] What makes you keep playing Legend of Junior?
Exquisite images and adorable characters
Wuxia theme
Lots of dungeon features
Fine costumes
Many of my friends are playing it.
Others (Please specify)
8.[Short-answer question] How did you find out about Wuxia? Please tell us those websites.
9.[Short-answer question] What games have you played recently? (Legend of Junior is excluded)
10.[Multiple Answers] What do you spend ingots in buying?
Advanced items
Items that are on sale
Exquisite costume
Upgrade materials
I haven’t spent any ingots on anything yet.
Others (Please specify)
11.[Multiple Answers] What makes you keep playing this game?
New version content
I like to have high power in the game.
Social system, such as guild and marriage system
Exquisite costume
12.[Multiple Answers] What draws your attention in every new version?
Events with lots of rewards
New items, such as weapons, pets, artifacts, etc.
New methods to get stronger, such as new upgrade systems, characters, weapons, etc.
Others (Please specify)
13.[Short-answer question] What would you like to improve in Legend of Junior?
Thank you for your support!